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Related article: Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 09:06:44 -0400 From: miranda crampton Subject: Weekend with Brother Richard:Adventures at Hamilton U part 1 Adventures at Hamilton U by M. J. Blackheart Part 1 This story is a work of fiction that contains homosexual content between family and friends, if you are offended by this type of material. one:your on the wrong website, two:don't read this story. This story is also a continueation of Weekend With Brother Richard, and will also continue What I Found in Bro's Tapes. Now you may continue and I hope Enjoy what is to CUM!! *** "Hey, Rich, wait up!" Robert yelled as he came sprinting out of the back door. His brown hair needing a trim waived in his blue eyes. He was panting as he continued along the paved walk leading to the door of the four stall gaurage in the back of His, well for now, Our new house. "Sup Bro?" I asked as I stopped just shy of the entrance man door on the side of the gaurage. "I know your in a hurry Rich to get to Orientation, but can you drop me at the mechanics, you know my car is still there getting the transmission fixed and I was supposed to pick it up like an hour ago." He panted as he stopped brushing his hair back over his head. "Sure Bro? Where's Mel though, wasn't she supposed to do that?" I wasn't really surprised Mellony had skipped out. She and Rob had been having problem's lately, well ever since I came into the picture as more then just Rob's brother, but all that was over now, Though GOD I wanted to do Rob, or even Mel like the old days, the old days of Illegal Preteen Nymphets only a few months ago to be exact, Since all the bad luck Rob and I had decided to go back to just beeing Bros. Mellony however still suspected that He and I might be fooling around on the side, and the subject of Sex around here was even more Taboo then me haveing slept with my brother in the first place. Before I continue let me introduce myself. My name is Richard Mathews, 18 year old freshmen at Hamilton University here in Spring Haven PA. Robert and I are originally from Ohio, but our boss Mr. Wheeler opened a new Mickie D's here and Rob being the top manerger in his organization was choosen to come run it, me I was coming here anyway to go to college so I got Assistant Manager. About two years ago Rob and I got to fooling around when he and Mel where expecting their first baby, Sweet little Jamie, The thing was due to complications Rob and Mel couldn't have sex and well I jumped in. Okay I sudduced my own brother when we were supposed to be painting the nursery, but whatever, we had a lot of fun. For six months I indroduced my formerly conservative stick in the mud brother to a new world, and he was getting to do it with me, my boyfriend, our cousin Trish, most all the staff at Mickie D's (All but the assistant Manager back home, at least not to start with), and the assistant manager's two young teen sons Kevin and Zack. When Mel had the baby we had camping trip Mel, Rob, Ben(my BF), and myself, and so Mel got pulled into all the fun, Damn that Bitch was horny and for a time she was doing a lot in our little sexual adventures too, new baby or not. Then Mel got Prego again, and freaked out. We still don't know weather Rob, Me, is the Dad, Ben never came in her so at least we know it's not him. Well when she freaked all the fun had to stop. I was coming here anyway like I said and Mel was going to be glad to get rid of Illegal Preteen Nymphets me, but then Mr. Wheeler baught this new franchise and there was the promotion and well things never really have settled down other then in the bedroom. Poor Rob again he can't have sex, but he refuses to start up, and not like he could with Mel watching him like a hawk, I know she'll be glad when I move to the dorm and out of their new house. More about me other then I'm 18 almost 19. I'm 6ft2 170lbs, thin as a rail with lean muscle tone (I used to play Baseball and Basket ball in Highschool and was always in great shape) I have short blond hair and blue eyes. And for those perves who want to know, hey I'm with you cause I can be a perve too, I have a 7 1/2 inch cut cock with shaved nuts and trimmed bush. Ohh the rest of my body is pretty smooth too, don't you just Want me!? Well I'll go on now... "Mel and Jamie went to her new friend Heather Weakly's for the evening in the Escort." Rob said with a sigh. I knew what the sigh was about, not that his wife had gone away and left him with no mode of transportation, but I also saw a smirky dreammy half smile on his tan face and a bulge in his Kaki pants. Robby was thinking of how nice it would be to FUCK Heather Weakly with her tinny waist, firm looking ass and big firm tits. I was opening the gaurage door when I looked back at him, and out of instict I glanced at his package."I could take care of that for you bro?" I said questioningly as I pointed at his crotch and smiled, my own dmples showing on my smooth face. "Richard!"He said it stern but he was blushing. I didn't push him just went on in the door, flipped the switch and fished for my keys in my pocket, my hand brushed my own package on the way around and back up and it was ROCK hard. I gave my own sigh and headed for my new Pontiac. We both got in, I hit the remote and the door opened behind me. Rob was playing with the radio, and I knew, yep there it was, he had it on country.(I didn't really mind it, but I prefered something a bit more edgy) Toby Keith was belting out Who's your Daddy and I knew who I wanted to be my Daddy. I grinned as I put the shifter in R and started moving. Rob and I didn't talk much on that ride. He mumbled the liracks to the song, asked about what I thought orentation was going to be like, (I had already been up to the school and had scooted my way around so I told him I only really expected to get my dorm assignment, maybe see some hotties(guys or gals)). We also chatted a bit about the resturant and how it had been running, (typical fast food joint, but for a college town it was only one of three. We sharred with Pizza Hut and KFC. We were on the very end of Hamilton Drive on the edge of the university plaza just before the main gates to the parking lots, and well business had been booming with all the kids coming into town to start a new school year). As this went on Toby changed to Dirks Bently(another Hottie) and I watched the scenery. Spring Haven PA was a very Mayberry NC kind of town. it was typically Georgian in arcetectural style, at least the "Down town" which consisted of a grassy common with a fountain and was surrounded by a court house on one end, city building next to that with the police and then the fire station. There were a line of shops, Hardware, beauty saloon, barber, several clothing stores, two antique shops, a moden furniture shop and a bank. On the far end was the presbaterian church with it's huge steeple flanked and reared by the local cemetary . All this was red brick, scroolled signs board hanging on iron hangers and also on the large windows, with white tooth like moldings. The side walk was brick, and there were elm trees on both sides of the street(next to the shops lining the sidewalk and on the side of the plaza) like centries on duty circled by black iron fences. Leading from this center was three roads. Hamilton Drive leading to the richer section of houses, then the college section of dorms and frat houses, the colledge retail section with the book store, the sports shops, the gym, the fast food and then the university gate. It ran between the court house and the town hall. Main St. going to the right between the Spring Haven Municipal Savings and Loan and the Lowel Hardware, Illegal Preteen Nymphets this was all houses, nice houses that lead for several miles and into the counry with smaller side streets of more houses off that. To the left was Elm St this lead to another section of nice houses, and eventually to the Illegal Preteen Nymphets highway with the local gas station, Bert's auto repair shop and Hadly new and used cars dividing up the corners (the car lot getting two one for new and one for used, go figure). I watched out the window, watched the people milling about as I pulled off of main and circled the common plaza and headed for Elm. It was then that I noticed a nice Vet roar past me with the top down. The back seat was full of boxes I also noticed on on the passanger side also. The guy driving was cute, young, dark hair, (what I could see of his hair around his black leather ball cap) he was dressed in a nice long sleaved blue silk button down shirt open at the collar and he wore black wrap around shades. I almost hit a ladie and her dog as she crossed from the corner of Elm to the common. Rob yelled at me to watch out. The lady flipped me off and went on her way. The guy didn't even look my way, only went on around the corner and roared up Hamilton Drive. "What the Fuck are you doing?" Rob screamed at me as I turned and headed for Bert's. "Sorry I saw something I liked." I blushed and smiled and had to snap myself out of a day dream. "That skinny flat chested ladie with the toy poodle?" Rob asked kind of annoyed. "NO!"I looked at him and then again back at the road. "The guy in the Corvette was hot, probably a new student at the college." I was smiling that crooked "ohh what a nice thought, wouldn't I like to fuck that", grin that had always driven Ben crazy. "Ohh yeah I saw him too." Rob blushed too and then quickly looked away. I glanced over and saw his hand graze a new bulge, but this time I said nothing. With in a few minutes I was letting my hot brother out at Bert's and with his insistance he had it all under control I sped back toward the common. I was going a little faster then I should have been and as I passed Hanover Ave about a mile from the main intersection a cop car pulled behind me and I was forced to pull over. Well that's all for now. Sorry no sex, but I'll get to it. I hope you got all the basics, and if you want go back and read the stories named in the start. Any comments good or bad, any suggestions, Blackheart415yahoo.com. I always love to hear from a fan. I promisse future installments will heat up!!!
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